Risk Management

Risk management for your reputation and revenue

Protecting Your Revenue & Reputation

It’s nearly impossible to make smart decisions without analysis. In the procurement world, there are handfuls of suppliers to choose from— and without proper insights or trust in a vendor’s reputation, you risk marring your own. 

By making informed choices about your suppliers, you can avoid costly damage to both your bottom line and your good name. Luckily, you can ensure risk consideration is a natural part of the procurement process with the right software, programmed to help your buyers make safer decisions before purchasing.

Segment suppliers based on your risk exposure with a digital risk management solution from Skyscend.

Pick & Choose like Never Before

Previously, you were forced to select suppliers with limited data, putting into question their reliability and quality of service or production. With the right software recommendation from the Skyscend team, you can say goodbye to that old uncertainty.

Imagine an interface where you have a complete view of each supplier, seeing a clear picture of their reviews, insurance certificates, and more. Yes, it exists. Our risk management tools can generate scheduled scorecard questionnaires to monitor and rate a supplier’s performance. 

Never again will you roll the dice on an unfamiliar supplier; use our platform’s data to be sure the supplier you choose is held in high regard— and that your information remains correct and up-to-date.

Select better suppliers for risk mitigation

Our Risk Management Solutions

Improve collaboration with your trading partners and make more timely, contextual, and accurate business decisions with a holistic view of each supplier. Our risk management platform allows you to assess, monitor, and mitigate risks like never before.


Assess Targeted Suppliers

Conduct or view ongoing engagement assessments to understand a supplier’s risk. You can also collaborate with suppliers to address residual risk factors, scored and calculated by risk domain.


Continually Monitor Risk

Our easy-to-use interface actively monitors supplier risks— from regulatory, legal, and financial to environmental, social, and operational risks. Utilize near-live issue tracking and receive proactive alerts about risk incidents.


Mitigate Risk Impact

Access collaborative workflows with team members to accept, monitor, reject, remediate, and transfer risk using our platform’s intuitive insights. Our tool can even help to develop action plans for future innovation.