Spend Analytics

Spend analytics visibility

How Much Are You Really Spending?

Businesses small and large collect massive sets of data, yet one dataset crucial to ensuring profitability— spending information— is often neglected. Despite its importance, many organizations are unsure of exactly how much they’re really spending, or where all their money is going.

You’re either digging through disorganized data that exists exclusively in segmented silos, capturing poor quality information, or using inefficient analytics tools to evaluate your spending. Often, it’s a combination of all three, leading to weak business decisions driven by impulse or inaccurate assumptions rather than strategy.

Make quicker yet more calculated buying decisions with the right spend visibility assistance from the Skyscend team.

Spend Visibility

Complete spend visibility is only achievable by conducting a thorough spend analysis. In order to truly understand the full scope of your spending, you have to look at both the small details as well as a holistic view of the big picture. That’s what the Skyscend team is here for: to set you up with the right tools and expert counsel you need to spend more strategically.

Our reports empower you with an in-depth, hierarchical view of all commodities spending— classified using a blend of industry standards and custom taxonomies. With improved organization and data, our team can help you discover insights hidden within your unstructured figures.

From analyzing price variances, savings leakages, and sourcing impact to identifying category consolidation opportunities, we’ll help you build a stronger sourcing pipeline and discover new ways to save.

Spend analytics tools for strategic execution

Our Spend Analytics Solutions 

Get a better grasp on your true spending and discover opportunities to cut costs you never knew existed with the right software and support team.


Process Improvements

If it’s your spend management framework that’s broken, we’ll pinpoint where the bottlenecks are and make necessary adjustments. For some, simply migrating from paper to digital makes a world of difference— while for others, our team is there to develop an entirely new strategic sourcing procurement process.


In-Depth Reporting

Even if your input process is solid, the best data means nothing with analysis; in order to improve your spending, you need to understand it. Our easily generated spending reports become crucial decision-making tools for procurement and finance departments alike.


Competitor Analysis

How do your competitors handle spending? Use our software to compare your performance with that of competitors. You’ll have the power to improve negotiation tactics with your vendors and gain that all-too-important upper hand.