SRM Migration to Ariba


Why SAP Ariba?

SAP Ariba offers an on-cloud single platform to manage suppliers, buy, approve, order, delivery, receive and invoice. Apart from buying capabilities with your preferred supplier contracts, strategic sourcing gives a state-of-the-art architecture to manage your Sourcing Projects, RFx and Auction events that translate into savings. All these capabilities provide a holistic analytical view of the spend across geographies.

Benefits of using Ariba

It's cost effective. In Comparison to SRM with on-premise server costs, management costs, SAP Ariba is way more cost effective and needs less users than SAP SRM to manage the administration. It's a 2020 user experience. Users in 2020 are way ahead in expectations in terms of UI. SAP Ariba with its Guided Buying platform offers amazon-like buying experience with easy collaboration. The native integration. SAP Ariba has native integration with SAP using CIG which is easy to implement and manage. 


MORE Benefits to Using Ariba

It's a whole new world of catalogs. With the addition of Amazon, Walmart, and eBay in Ariba Spot Buy portfolio, the catalogs are not limited to incumbent supplier contracts. There are automatic upgrades. SAP Ariba provides quarterly releases with automatic updates to the features for its customers. It's easy to manage. Configuration of standard processes is easier to manage and Ariba modules come prepackaged with Best Practice processes for sourcing: contracts.

The Skyscend Approach

Skyscend brings a holistic and proven approach, with resources and tools to migrate the processes successfully.

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