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Unlock working capital, and turn AP into a profit center.


Skyscend will help manage working capital more effectively. Supply chain financing enables third-party liquidity offerings to suppliers.  Invoice automation increases operational efficiency and enables the management of all invoices from suppliers. Skyscend’s self-serve supplier portal helps businesses acquire up-to-date supplier information and reduces incoming inquiries.

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Supply Chain Finance

Unlock working capital

Supply chain finance also referred to as "supplier finance" or "reverse factoring," promotes collaboration between buyers and your suppliers. A third-party financier pays suppliers ahead of schedule, providing them with essential cash flow. Accounts payable submits payments to the financier in accordance with negotiated payment terms,  allowing for better cash flow management.


  • Unlock debt-free working capital 

  • Choose funding options by working with multiple financiers on the Skyscend platform

  • Provide funding to suppliers at a lower rate 

  • Strengthen trade relationships with suppliers

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Invoice Automation

Scale and Automate Accounts Payable

Automate accounts payable with the Skyscend Pay electronic invoicing platform. Eliminate paper & time-consuming manual tasks while reducing processing costs and errors. Skyscend Pay easily integrates with ERP systems, allowing for full accounts payable process flow automation. Suppliers submit invoices using a variety of methods – from simple online submission to integrated data exchange using EDI, XML, and other data formats. Suppliers can submit invoices in any format including Web Form, PO Flip, PDF/Image upload, XML upload.

  • Suppliers submit invoices quickly and easily by flipping purchase orders, filling out a simple web form, or uploading invoices

  • AI-powered OCR reads the supplier invoices, validates the invoice data, and parses directly to ERP systems 

  • Skyscend Pay provides touchless processing to enhance accounts payable visibility without demanding supplier behavior adjustments

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Supplier Portal 

Empower your suppliers

A seamless and real-time flow of information between buyers and suppliers. Accurate and up-to-date supplier information, real-time updates on purchase orders, invoices, and payments. Interconnectivity with ERP systems provides visibility of information to buyers and suppliers.

  • Provide suppliers with a simple tool to maintain their own information

  • Have the most up-to-date data, speeding up payments and preventing errors

  • Eliminate endless supplier calls, emails, and follow-ups about invoices and payments

  • Send email and SMS alerts notifying suppliers of any changes

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