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Working capital is vital to any company. It's critical to constantly monitor cash flow and liquidity to better allocate resources and provide business stability. 

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Every business, regardless of its size, requires significant capital to keep its operations running smoothly and profitably.


Without sufficient cash flow, the business will be unable to satisfy its working capital needs and would struggle to keep operations going.

Working Capital Solutions from Skyscend provides a variety of early payment options, including supply chain finance and invoice factoring, to assist businesses to obtain and meet liquidity working capital requirements.


These quick and easy funding options help accounts payable and treasury improve and grow the business without the need for loans.

Whether it's to meet an immediate business need or a routine business requirement, Skyscend provides critical Working Capital when it is needed most.

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Why Skyscend

The platform unites buyers, suppliers, and financiers on a single digital platform:


  • Cloud technology offers scalability and extensibility to cover long-tail vendors

  • ERP integration for real-time access to purchase orders and invoices

  • Blockchain enables a single source of truth among buyers, suppliers, and financiers

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