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Skyscend Uses AI to Make Your Job Easier

Skyscend uses AI-enabled Optical Character Recognition to extract data  accurately and quickly, saving time and reducing  manual intervention.

Error Correction and Reconciliation

Errors are too common when dealing with invoices. Errors often require numerous emails to ensure transaction accuracy, supplier-side error correction minimizes this problem.

Quick, easy to use invoice uploads

Skyscend leverages state-of-the-art AI to intelligently import invoices. AI contextually parses invoices to insure different formats can be understood.

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Integrated with popular ERPs and Procurement  Networks

It’s difficult to find a software solution that meets your needs and integrates with legacy systems. Skyscend has a number of ERP adapters built for integration of procurement networks and ERP systems.

Working Capital

Cashflow is critical to business operations. Our Blockchain-based platform and financial partner ecosystem enables CFOs to prevent delays in customer payments.

Skyscend Pay offers an advanced technology platform to automate invoice management, supply-chain finance, and global e-invoice compliance; All secured by a blockchain multi-party ledger.

How It Works


Avialable on mobile and  web platform. Advanced data capture with AI powered OCR.


Tamper-proof and verifiable transaction models for buyers, suppliers & financial institutions.


APIs integrate with ERP systems. Supply Chain finance improves cash flow.

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Accounts Payable Automation  

  • Eliminate paper, email invoicing  

  • Eliminate manual reconciliation

Improved Supplier Management  

  • Notify invoice and payment status real-time

  • Offer an intuitive self-service portal

  • Provides real-time data analysis


Working Capital Solution 

  • Enable vendor option for early payment of invoices

  • Ensure government compliance

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