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Optimize cash flow, and achieve AR Automation.

Supplier Solutions from Skyscend provides visibility and flexibility of invoices and payments. Skyscend provides solutions for generating working capital as well as delivering invoices directly to the customer’s ERP system.

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Early Payment

Improve cash flow

The Supply Chain Finance program benefits include early payment, reduced Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), an infusion of working capital, and access to alternate sources of financing. Suppliers enjoy the advantages of the program since it enables better control over cash flow. 


  • Obtain working capital

  • Make collections predictable

  • Control cash flow

  • Capitalize on seasonal demand

  • Reduce corporate debt

  • Accelerate invoice payments

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Automated Invoicing

Paper invoices are slow. Email invoices require manual input of data. Both can result in slow approvals and errors. Skyscend e-invoicing solves these issues. Send invoices in a variety of ways and formats, from simple online submission to data exchange using EDI and XML. Upload images in a variety of formats via the mobile app. Create an invoice from a purchase order or connect with your customer's system. Our e-invoicing solution makes sure that the invoice goes directly to the customer's ERP system and gets paid faster.


  • PO-based Invoice: PO Flip converts a purchase order into an invoice submitting it through the supplier portal

  • Non-PO Invoice: Submit the easy to use web form on the supplier portal

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Self-service Portal

Total transparency

With Skyscend's self-service portal, it's easy to get important information regarding business partners and transactions. 

  • Access real-time information about your POs, invoices, and payments

  • Maintain and update business master data

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