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B2B Fintech Skyscend enables leading Orlando developer EcoVision Homes

B2B Fintech Skyscend enables leading Orlando developer EcoVision Homes with Supplier Financing and e-Invoicing Solution

Skyscend Pay and Skyscend Capital to enable and finance all of EcoVision Homes suppliers to "self-service" their account and improve their cash flow

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, May 27, 2022 / — Skyscend Inc. and leading residential developer EcoVision Homes, LLC today announced their partnership as EcoVision Homes, LLC incorporates Skyscend’s SaaS Fintech AI and ML technology to automate and transform global Supplier Management based upon Skyscend’s flagship SaaS product suite, Skyscend Pay, that is designed to lower cost and better support its global Supply Chain.

As part of the newly formed digital transformation partnership, EcoVision Homes, LLC is migrating to Skyscend Pay all Supplier Support and AP requirements to automate supplier support and management inclusive of order acceptance and status, invoicing and payment processing, and all Supplier Account information with Eco Vison Homes, LLC. Skyscend’s proven SaaS enterprise solution to perform in North America and various international markets where EcoVision Homes, LLC procures goods and services for import.

"Skyscend automates Supplier Management by giving suppliers a free self-service tool built on Blockchain and Web 3, and giving them financing for invoices that have been approved."
— Chaya Gangadarappa, Founder & President of Skyscend Inc

The new SaaS Supply Chain Management and AP program and Supply Chain Financing is focused on improving the extensive supplier in-bound and out-bound data and communications with all suppliers by providing suppliers with real-time information 24/7 and enabling suppliers to accept early payments of approved invoices and improve their cash flow.

The new business processes will empower suppliers to perform the desired and necessary functions in supporting EcoVision Homes, LLC in a professional, timely and competitive manner — without requiring EcoVision Homes, LLC Procurement, Finance, AP or Supply Chain staff, to manage daily email, telephone and facsimiles from their valued suppliers inquiring on order status, invoice processing and payment.

EcoVision Homes, LLC is growing rapidly and recognized the need to consolidate and transform their critical supplier support to an automated business process, without investing in custom software. With Skyscend Pay offered through the cloud, and fully accessible by suppliers through mobile, EcoVision Homes, LLC can quickly deploy and enable thousands of suppliers within six weeks and greatly improve decision making and approvals.

This will in turn, improve their global supply chain’s visibility and awareness of their supplier account and all transactions with EcoVision Homes, LLC. Resulting in reduced order times, delivery of timely and accurate supplier data and automate supplier support requirements from Procurement, Finance and Supply Chain Management and AP.

Once the transformation is completed, all of EcoVision Homes, LLC direct and in-direct suppliers shall interact thru the Skyscend Pay portal and in addition to viewing their account with EcoVision Homes, LLC, all paper, and pdf invoices submitted by suppliers shall be eliminated. “This new partnership will enable EcoVision Homes to accelerate its business transformation in the cloud and fuel its future growth,” said Vasu Persuad, Founder & CEO, EcoVision Homes, LLC.

Chaya Gangadarappa, President of Skyscend Inc. added that “EcoVision Homes previous investment in technologies will not be disrupted as Skyscend Pay simply overlays all ERP’s and Accounting solutions. Additionally, suppliers are quickly enabled and begin immediately to view their account data, receive orders and invoice through Skyscend Pay, and at the onset, Skyscend Capital shall offer its Early Pay feature to improve suppliers cash flow”.

About EcoVision Homes, LLC

EcoVision Homes LLC is a cutting-edge home construction company that focuses on environmental stewardship while also constructing homes that are affordable, energy efficient, resistant to hurricanes, and modern. Because it embraces innovative building technology to construct houses of a higher quality, the Florida-based EcoVision Homes is rapidly expanding to become one of the most successful residential developers in the US.

About Skyscend

Skyscend Inc., headquartered in Atlanta, GA, is a pureplay SaaS FinTech company that provides trade financing and invoice-to-pay automation services. It simplifies Supply Chain collaboration by providing a secure, intuitive, transparent, and seamless platform that unites the Buyer, the Supplier and Financial Institutions. It provides transformative services enabling Customers to register, manage, finance, and pay their valued Suppliers. Skyscend Pay, the SaaS platform, integrates with all popular ERPs, Source-to-Pay systems and accounting tools. It enables indirect and direct suppliers to be onboarded, view the status of Supply Chain transactions, submit invoices and to finance Accounts Receivables all via a Supplier Self-Service model.

The CIO Applications magazine named Skyscend as a ‘Top Procurement Services Company of 2021’.


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