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How Factoring Can Help Your Business Get Through Rough Patches?

Every entrepreneur is aware that starting a business requires a lot of effort. The process of starting a new business is drawn out and complex. But while starting a business is challenging, maintaining and expanding it is even more difficult. To survive, your business requires money. If you pick invoice factoring, you won't have to wait for clients to pay you. Instead, you'll receive payment when you send out your invoices, freeing you from the stress of unsteady cash flow.

There is not a single company in existence that is susceptible to financial snags, no matter its size, market, or establishment. Yet, statistics indicate that 50% of businesses fail within five years, and a lack of money is the most common reason for failure. But with the correct cash flow strategy, you can lower your risk of loss and improve your potential to survive challenging times. The solution you require can be invoice factoring.

You're not alone if your company has ever felt unprepared for difficult times. Even the most thorough corporate planning is unlikely to include contingency planning for disruptive occurrences like a pandemic. Cash flow and invoices management is undoubtedly a primary concern, regardless of whether your firm is failing because it has to shut down or your regular clients have stopped coming. So how are you going to survive?

This blog will help you get ready for Rough Patches without going into panic mode with the help of a working capital solution from Skyscend.

What is invoice factoring?

Invoice factoring is a tool for business financing that provides funds more quickly than many other loan forms. In addition, by focusing on their client's credit score rather than the business owner's reputation, factoring makes it simpler for entrepreneurs with poor credit to obtain financing.

Invoice factoring is a wonderful alternative for many business owners in specific sectors, even though it is more expensive and unsuitable for all industries. Business owners can use invoice factoring, a type of finance, to get paid more quickly for work they've previously done. By offering their bills to a third party at a discount, businesses can use invoice factoring to fund their cash flow. We at Skyscend provide a working capital solution that covers invoice factoring.

How can invoice factoring help businesses?

Invoice factoring is another funding option for businesses that do not have a long-standing banking relationship with a big lender. Invoice factoring from Skyscend can be a creative solution for your company to retrieve the money locked up in your accounts receivable. Here are the top reasons why invoice factoring can be a great asset for your company to get through rough patches:

1. Financial adaptability

The greatest solution for your company would be invoice factoring if maintaining cash flow necessitates financial flexibility. Invoices won't need to be fully paid before money can be deposited into the company account in this way.

2. Quicker approval than a standard loan

Businesses with little collateral and a new financial history may find it challenging to obtain a loan. However, the credit ratings of your consumers are what invoice factoring providers focus on the most. That implies that a wrong or missing track record won't matter as much when you apply.

3. Improve relationships with clients

One of the responsibilities that can cause administrative headaches is the collection. You can relieve yourself of this tiresome work by entrusting the collection of your accounts receivable to a reputable invoice factoring company. As a result, you'll be able to concentrate on the other facets of your business, such as developing stronger relationships with your clients and having more financial flexibility.

4. Eliminates the need for other forms of financing

Leveraging your sales ledger's worth ensures that capital assets are not affected. Although other asset-based loan options can be helpful, invoice financing from Skyscend offers flexibility and access to capital without the danger of amassing too much debt. In addition, you have a wide range of options for suppliers now that there are so many factoring businesses offering this service.

5. Remarkably accessible

You should be able to get paid shortly after sending an invoice once you've initially established an account with Skyscend for invoice factoring business. Nowadays, the process is typically entirely online.


For some organizations that meet the requirements, invoice factoring is a quick and simple method of business financing. The appropriate working capital solution provider company like Skyscend can be a terrific partner to provide immediate access to cash for work you've already accomplished, helping you function and develop your business even though factoring carries a higher interest rate than many other types of business finance.

Just be sure you engage with the best provider of invoice factoring services to get the advantages mentioned above. We at Skyscend provide various solutions like the working capital solution, global e-invoicing, and supply chain finance for your company. Book a Demo now to know more.


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