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Skyscend: Bringing AI and Blockchain to Procurement

CEOCFO Magazine interviews Skyscend Founder & CEO Mr. Chayapathy Gangadarappa on making Procurement Easy, Painless and Transparent

ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA, US, March 2, 2021 / -- CEOCFO Magazine, an independent business and investor publication that highlights important technologies and companies, today announced an interview with Mr. Chayapathy Gangadarappa, Founder & CEO of Skyscend, an Alpharetta, Georgia-based procurement services and solutions firm.

Anyone can build a product in today’s world but Skyscend’s products are agile and blend with your existing ecosystem.”— Mr. Chayapathy Gangadarappa

“Skyscend’s vision is to make the procurement easy, painless and transparent. We make it easy because our product is WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Ace) compliant. It is easy to use for all business owners. The second aspect is that it makes the procurement process painless. As we use tomorrow’s technology such as Artificial Intelligence, the pain-points of procurement are very well addressed by Skyscend and make the entire process facile. Finally, we ensure utmost transparency in the procurement process. We could make it happen with yet another emerging technology, Blockchain,” said Mr. Gangadarappa during the interview with CEOCFO’s Senior Editor Lynn Fosse. Continuing his thoughts on one of the key messages about Skyscend, Mr. Gangadarappa said, “Today’s world is all about artificial intelligence, cloud and blockchain. Skyscend rightly puts it together in a way that makes procurement simple and painless.”

In the interview, Mr. Gangadarappa explained their greatest customer focus, “One of my grand visions is to help all small businesses. Today, we have something called supply chain financing which has interesting dimensions. A buyer places a purchase order with a supplier and the latter fulfils the same. At the time of submitting the invoice, the supplier should be able to sell that invoice to the bank or to any trader who wants to buy it. The rationale being, you have the commitment from the buyer to pay that invoice in the next 45 days. In the meantime, if the supplier wants the money today, it calls for supply chain financing. However, there is no such network in the world today to support small businesses with supply chain financing. Therefore, we are bringing supply chain financing access directly to small businesses through our product. This is a great new option that we have built during the past six months.”

Asked about their SkyscendPay, Mr. Gangadarappa replied, “SkyscendPay is a SaaS-based product that helps organizations who are managing their procurement processing with Excel spreadsheets and Word documents. SkyscendPay automates the Purchase Order to Invoice process, and it focuses very much on the invoices. We built SkyscendPay mainly to offer the best experience for painless invoicing. As soon as we get the purchase order from the buyer, the supplier can submit the invoice to get paid. SkyscendPay handles creating and sending it to the buyer. This removes the need for lists of invoices. Further, there is no more creating the invoice manually and no more worrying about meeting the requirements of the buyer’s system to have your invoice processed correctly.”

Mr. Gangadarappa continued, “To submit the invoice today, every procurement department has its own network and there can be multiple credentials to be remembered for each buyer system. What we are bringing through SkyscendPay is that suppliers use a single logon account, with available Gmail and Facebook integration, if preferred. SkyscendPay can create the invoice or the supplier can take a picture of their invoice using their smartphones and use that image to submit the invoice for a particular purchase order. If the supplier’s invoices are in a format that does not work with the buyer’s system, SkyscendPay will read that invoice and handle the adjustments and send it to the vendor.”

Asked if Skyscend has a product for the public sector, Mr. Gangadarappa told CEOCFO, "We have the Skyscend public network for all public sector clients, such as County and government agencies. Their procurement model fits very well with our network with an added benefit of WCAG and ADA compliance requirements. Government agencies have to provide that easy and frictionless experience to small businesses. We are proving that simplicity and ease of use are not only for the big businesses. Therefore, we see a great deal of value for both small suppliers and public sector entities, with customers being on-boarded, as we start raising funds. It’s certainly a very exciting time for Skyscend!”

As for what separates Skyscend from the rest of the pack, Mr. Gangadarappa responded, "Anyone can build a product in today’s world but Skyscend’s products are agile and blend with your existing ecosystem.”

For more information: Lynn Fosse Senior Editor CEOCFO Magazine 352-431-3400

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor CEOCFO Magazine +1 352-431-3400

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