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Why is Supply Chain Finance Important?

Accessing money through conventional methods is difficult in a challenging economic climate. Instead, a set of procedures and tools called supply chain finance are used to support the financial operations of a supply chain from beginning to end. It is anticipated that this sector will keep expanding quickly. SCF fits in nicely with the expansion of open account trading and optimizes the efficiency improvements made by improved IT-driven financial supply chain management.

A crucial section of supply chain management is supply chain finance. It links buyers and sellers with lending organizations. As a result, it supports businesses in increasing efficiency and lowering finance expenses. What matters most is that it releases working capital constrained by the supply chain. Supply chain financing is accessible to large and medium-sized businesses. For instance, the most popular are loans, purchase order financing, factoring, and invoice discounting.

Many companies use supply chain finance to boost working capital, fortify supplier relationships, and lower supply chain risk. Let's discuss why supply chain finance is so important for businesses and how Skyscend’s supply chain finance solutions can help you accomplish your goals.

Importance of supply chain finance

The main goal of supply chain finance is to ensure that both parties can confidently fulfill their commitments. For the supplier, the financial advantages are apparent, and the client is kept out of difficulties by accommodating payment arrangements.

1. Importance for the supplier

It should be highlighted that suppliers gain from supply chain finance more than simply when it comes time to send invoices. Many banking institutions provide discounted fees in exchange for allowing suppliers to be paid earlier. Suppliers who might have to rely on deposits or lend their companies to another bank to ensure the goods they would finally supply to the buyer can frequently benefit from this.

2. Importance for the buyer

You, as the buyer, must demonstrate to the lender that your company is reliable for them to pay you on your behalf to obtain financing. Supplier confidence is then created by assuring you can fulfill your financial obligation to the lender. A large financial institution's seal of approval fosters confidence and fortifies crucial connections in many markets that rely on brand and investor loyalty.

3. Importance for the Lender

Supply chain finance is primarily a short-term agreement with a low risk of default, adding another source of revenue for the bank. In addition, SCF funds are protected by Basel regulations since they are impartial, that meaning that the bank is only subject to regulation based on the amount that is lent as opposed to the entire credit limit granted to the buyer.

Why would you leverage supply chain finance?

Supply Chain Finance from Skyscend is well-liked since it makes sales operations more convenient. As a result, international trade is encouraged, and transactions are made more secure. It is, in other words, a win-win-win occasion for all three parties involved.

It is customary for the person who purchased the items to haggle over the payment terms. For instance, 60 to 120 days from when the products are delivered to when the invoice is paid. Before paying the original invoice, the buyer generates income in the interim.

The seller also asks for finance so they can get working money immediately. For instance, a financial infusion enables corporations to pay wages or increase stock. Short-term financing is also useful for investments in infrastructure. In conclusion, managers have access to opportunities through SCF that they would not otherwise have because of a lack of liquidity.


MSMEs can gain a lot from supply chain finance solutions, giving them the grit they need to deal with a fresh round of economic unrest. However, to improve financial flow, MSMEs and their anchors must be informed about these options. In order for many of these microbusinesses to grow and succeed, supply chain financing needs to take the spotlight alongside small businesses.

Large banks are not necessary for supply chain financing solutions; Skyscend provides buyers credit. However, any of the following parties may participate in the funding, including the buyer, financial institutions, and capital markets.



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